Why punishing your dog is totally ineffective

Find out why you have everything to gain by not punishing your dog! Many people believe that punishing his dog is useful and many also do it because they do not know what else to do. And then terrible advice on the dog’s education continue to circulate and mislead masters – advice that date from another age! Our knowledge has changed a lot. The best educators will tell you that punishment is absolutely unnecessary. They will tell you that punishing a dog is doesn’t accomplish anything. It is even a serious obstacle to solve your problems.  They will always do naughty things like escape, if you want to know why read more http://www.bestdogcrates.net/escape-proof-cages/why-canines-get-out/

Here are 3 reasons why punishing your dog has no use.

1- The dog never understands why he is being punished

confused pupThe concept of punishment using an unpleasant stimulus (shaking, tapping, screaming etc.) completely confuses the dog. The punishment remains popular despite the advances in dog behavior research. One of the main problems is that the dog’s abilities are overestimated.

The dog has absolutely no awareness of what is good or bad, polite or rude, pleasant or unpleasant, clean or dirty. It’s not easy to get this out of your head when you live with a pet that is part of family life, but if you do, you take a very big step forward to solve all your issues.

The dog does not know that peeing on your carpet is dirty, gnawing at the feet of a piece of furniture is very bad, digging holes to unearth your plants ruins all your work, shredding your shoes requires you to spend money to buy a new pair, howling does not please you at all. He does not know this and he can not understand it.

Whatever the reason a dog is punished, he does not know why, and punishing the dog every time he makes a mistake is not going to help him understand. He is unable to integrate this kind of human reasoning because it is too complex: look at what you have done, I am disappointed, I am angry, it is dirty, I’m tired, you irritate me, Listen, this object is expensive and the spoil partly forces me to buy a brand new.  Blah blah all nonsense to him.

2- They don’t learn

defiant dogPunishing his dog is not a method of learning, which is why it starts again and again and you would go much faster if you could focus only on what really works.

If you want to solve a problem, you must teach your dog to do what you want. By punishing him, what do you teach him? It’s dirty, it’s bad, it’s annoying … in short you actually try to teach him human concepts that are totally out of the reach of animals. No doubt that your dog is smart but not to the point of understanding that your carpet has cost a lot of money and that to poop on it is the very bad.

For decades we have known that animals can not learn things sustain-ably by being punished for what they have done wrongly and that the learning methods that work best are based on motivation and motivation. A good motivation is not a threat. A good motivation is something that is desired . When what is desired is achieved, good behavior is repeated.

3- The dog does not learn to respect rules

The dog learns to do things. He learns to pee outside, he learns not to shred more shoes or electric wires, he learns not to jump on people again. He does not learn new rules that aren’t congruent with his natural instincts.

Too much bad information is still being spread, false information based mainly on old popular beliefs. As a result, many teachers continue to punish and believe that using motivation is not enough. Motivation, this does not only work for standing lying down. This also works for all sorts of unpleasant behaviors that you want to stop.